Step 1 - Lockbox Form

If applying for a full unit, only 1 applicant is required to complete Step 1.

Step 2 - Sign & Pay

If applying for a full unit, only 1 applicant is required to complete Step 2.

Before submitting payment via Zelle or via Square (debit/credit) , please read and sign the “Option Fee Agreement” you received in your email via DocuSign.

Step 3 - Credit Check Application

Every party applying should complete Step 3. If any applicant is using a guarantor, they will be added here. This application is created and processed by Weimark and Lockbox Realty therefore has no authority over the content requested nor do we collect the mandatory $20 non-refundable fee. Because this is a 3rd party website, we ask you to skip over the section requesting documents and instead upload your documents following instructions in Step 4.

**There are a select few landlords who complete credit check applications and fees directly on their site as opposed to using Weimark. If you are unsure, reach out to your agent before completing.

Step 4 - Upload Documents Securely

Please check your email for a new secured Google Drive Folder with the title “Address-Your Name.”

This is where all documents should be uploaded.


Please provide your agent with a list of all roommates’ & guarantors’ full name + email address so they too may receive a secured Google Drive Folder in which to upload their documents. Please avoid uploading documents for one person into another’s folder and avoid sending via email.


We make every effort to keep your private information private. You can help ensure that by following these instructions.


Photo ID

2 most recent pay stubsSigned letter of employment stating pay rate/salary if newly employed

Tax returns/W-2 from most recent year’s filing2 years required for self-employed clients

2 most recent checking account statementsFull PDF statement, not just a summary page and no screenshots, please.

2 most recent savings account statements if applicableInvestment accounts considered as well!

3 months proof of rent payment

Landlord reference letter – required by some and a great addition to all anyway!

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